Home Displays

Sun City promotes various Holiday campaigns during alternate years. In 2020 we had the Golf Cart Parade and in 2019 the Holiday Door Decor. Many of us living by the golf course decorate the backs of our houses - some quite elaborately - and this particular display can be seen between Thanksgiving and New Years by anyone who ventures on the golf course after golf hours! Even if you don't have a cart, some of the path is quite easy to walk - between holes 11 and 12 are quite beautiful and a short walk. Sun-up Drive is near the entrance to hole 12 and could be a good spot to park.

While prizes are awarded for the doors and carts, that's a bit tougher for the golf course. Might I suggest that those who live and decorate near a given hole have a party that someone in your area organizes to celebrate your decorating talent and fabulous Holiday Spirit? Drinking and nibbling near your closest golf course hole on some night when most of you are around (maybe throw in a few carols) is a wonderful way to celebrate the season - and each other !!!

ALSO - many of our neighbors can be somewhat fragile and have a tough time decorating around the outside of their own homes. For the last few years some of us have helped several neighbors put up some simple lighting around their homes. This is something you, as a fantastic neighbor, might want to do for those around you. A string of lights costs next to nothing at the dollar store, many people have a few strings in their garages they can't get to anymore, and won't you be the hero to help someone out who needs a hand?

2020 Golf Cart Parade